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Sistemas Reid is an Argentinean company dedicated to accident prevention from the human factor perspective in different areas such as transport (Road Safety), mining and industry, dabbling Safety



The Behavioral Program allows the identification of individual skills and attitudes related to errors preceding the accident, in order to detect those who are struggling and do not know and because of this they are prone to injure themselves.
This program aims to reduce the incidents and accidents through human error identification preceding the accident, awareness of those errors and stimulation of the involved functions.

The Psychometric Test Device

The Psychometric Device is a set of psychological tests resulting from adapting several classical instruments developed to evaluate a range of psychophysical and perceptual skills reflexes to Software.

Given that human error is the cause of 80 to 90 percent of the accidents, the device is comprised of five tests that explore the errors preceding the accidents. There are three broad categories: recognition and identification errors (Perception), Decision Making errors (Attitudes) and errors in the execution of the maneuver (motor coordination).

The five tests that comprise the Device explore:

  • Perception: accumulation of data through the five senses. The first three tests are designed to investigate the perception from three places:

Focused Attention: The ability to maintain focused attention over a period of time without being distracted or fatigued during a monotonous and repetitive task.

Discriminative Attention: The ability to divide attention in a multiple stimulation avoiding distractions.

Speed ​​Anticipation: Estimation of distances and trajectories of moving objects.

  • Decision Making: assesses the tendency to risky behavior.
  • Motor Coordination: The harmonic response of essential individual muscle activity for orderly movement or locomotion

Simple Reaction Test

The Simple Reaction Test is a brief technique that studies the nature of a Simple Reaction: a process that starts with the reception of a visual stimuli and finalizes in the motor response to that stimuli. The fatigue level can be appreciated with instant results. This can alert a possible accident caused by fatigue or sleeplessness factors.

Ability Stimulation Workshop

It is aimed to the Risk Group (detected with the Psychometric Device) to stimulate and exercise the different skills and attitudes that were explored. It provides the necessary training to improve Perception, enhance Decision Making and precision in the Execution of the Maneuvers.
Audiovisual materials are added to psychology tests and techniques.
Workshops are given to groups to promote exchange among the workers. This lowers anxiety and leads to discussions to understand the motivations of each of the participants.
They last eight hours and are given by professional psychologists.
From the workshops, professionals must generate individual reports and describe the performance in the explored areas. These reports are intended to identify those who have difficulties in cognitive or attitudinal areas and make a suggestion regarding this.

About the Program

The Behavioral Program has been carried out successfully for ten years in several industries such as mining, oil, transportation, steel, including Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Spain, Slovakia and Indonesia.

After years of implementation, each industry has shown a drop in incidents and accidents over time, thanks to a combination of the Program with the Safety Management System of each company.

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